1" Hot Air Brush


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This is the only heat that we recommend using on your Godiva's Secret Wigs products.  Use it to roll bangs, roll under the ends of your wig, add height or even a little wave to your wig.  And it's perfect for right after a bang trim!  Do not use this Hot Air Brush on wet hair.

**Our Hot Air Brush is meant to be used at 120 volts.  If using this product outside the U.S., you may need to use an adapter for it to work properly.  Without an adapter, the Hot Air Brush may be too hot and damage your wig or hair piece.


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Karen H 4th Feb 2019

Hot Air Brush

I've never used a hot air brush before, but when T told me it works well on the synthetic toppers, I ordered one. It is really a great product. I have very thin hair, and I can curl my hair with pieces of the wig so it blends. I especially like the curl release because my hair tangles easily, and this is so helpful. The price is very fair. I have been able to take out a too curly portion of my hairpieces, which gives me the ability to restyle it. My toppers curl in around the face, and I prefer them to curl outward, to help blend my own hair.

Celeste Dundon 30th Dec 2018

I'll never worry again

This curling brush takes the worry out of scorching synthetic hair. It works beautifully to restore the uplift and curl that càme with the original wig or topper. I also use it on human hair toppers and although it takes a little longer, it is also much easier to handle.

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