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This includes 1 sheet (10 sets) of eyebrows.

Beauty Eyebrows are semi-permanent tattoos that apply to the skin, with water, in seconds! Once applied they won't smudge and can last for days!  This product is designed for women with no eyebrow hair.

To apply your new eyebrows:

Step 1- Remove clear protective cover paper from eyebrows.
Step 2- Position one tattoo on brow area with tattoos against the skin. Use image on reverse side as a guide. You can position both at once as well.
Step 3- Wet a wash cloth and press firmly over brows for 60 seconds. The more wet the cloth, the easier it is.
Step 4- Peel off the transfer paper and let brow dry.
Step 5- If you did one at a time, repeat steps 2-4 for second eyebrow.

To remove eyebrows, use make-up remover or baby oil.



Beauty Eyebrows #1- Soft Black
Beauty Eyebrows #1- Soft Black

Beauty Eyebrows #1- Soft Black

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1 Review

Trish 15th Jul 2018


I have had radiation twice on my face which has caused me to have no eyebrows! These are so close to the real thing and have saved my life from embarrassment ! They looks so real' I love them & will be buying many more! Thanks so much!!!

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