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Medical Hair Loss Solutions

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Hair is the public face of everyone that we come into contact with. One may feel discouraged, lack self-confidence, and lack self-esteem because of their appearance, especially when faced with hair loss. Hair loss can be as a result of chemotherapy for cancer treatment, alopecia, medications or by natural causes. You may be wondering how to curb this situation or how people in the society will view you during this period. There is hope for you! Medical wigs can be a natural part of the healing process. It gives Cancer patient a new good look, enabling them to stop worrying about hair loss and use their emotional energy to fight for healing thus moving forward to looking like themselves again.

Cancer is an incredibly difficult disease to deal with and coping with this situation can be stressful and emotional to a patient. Hair loss is a normal temporary experience that begins after two weeks of chemotherapy or radiation, but not all drugs used in chemotherapy makes you lose your hair. Therefore, there should be the early preparation of the choice of custom wigs, blonde wigs, dark wigs, lace front wigs, gray wigs or medical wigs before your first treatment.

Why choose wigs for cancer patients?

Medical wigs are extremely lightweight, softer to touch and comfortable. It does not matter what caused the hair loss, medical wigs for cancer patients can help you feel comfortable and good about yourself. Wigs for cancer patients are gentle to the tender scalp and they come in many different styles and colors.

How to determine the best choice of wig for cancer patients?

Before making a choice of the wig as a cancer patient, you are advised to:

  • Look for advice from a wig consultant on the sensitivity of your scalp.
  • Secondly, select a wig that is similar to your skin color and fits you properly. This will help to make the transformation from your original hair to wigs unnoticed.
  • Pay attention to the state of your body, during chemotherapy.
  • Choose a alopecia wig that does not highlight this change in skin tone.

You may be wondering about the right size of a cancer wig. Most wigs for cancer patients are of average size and can fit anyone. You can also determine the right size by measuring the head size to get the perfect match.

The cost of Godiva's Secret Wigs depends on the overall style of the wig. Therefore, they can be affordable to everyone. 

Everyone deserves the best, whether your friend, family member or you have been diagnosed with cancer, we all have a chance to fight and make it our past experience. That’s why there is the provision of high quality, well-fitted and lightweight wigs for cancer patients to cope with hair loss and make this aspect of your journey easier and fun. If you choose to wear one, you are in a natural healing process.

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