Brianne Mono (medium wig)

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Shown in Mochaccino, Brianne is a wig that will satisfy your desire for a straighter style with a blunt fringe bang. If you're naturally curly, give your own hair a break and enjoy the convenience of a high quality synthetic wig that won't frizz in the mist or rain. All Godiva's Secret Wigs are light, easy to put on, secure and look natural. Tighten our wigs on the bottom with the "bra-like" tabs on each side.


5 Reviews

Debbie Pellegrini 21st Jan 2019

The Perfect Wig

I recently purchased Brianne Mono in Mochaccino and I couldn't believe how beautiful she is! From the moment I put her on I fell in love with the way she moves when I turn my head, the natural cut, the mono top, and flattering color. I have many GS wigs (22 and counting) and I honestly swear by all of them--they are that natural and comfortable. As someone with seriously thinning hair, finding Godiva's Secret Wigs was one of the best things I've done for myself recently. I feel put together, stylish, young and confident whether I'm going to work, dinner with my husband, or playing bagpipes for the fire department. If you are hestitating to try one of the GS wigs because you think it will look "wiggy", relax! No one will know it's a wig unless you choose to tell your "secret!" The whole GS line of wigs are natural, comfortable, undetectable, and come in beautifully rich colors. I have MANY wigs by other companies and I ONLY wear Godvia's Secret wigs!

Kathy L Hare 5th Apr 2017

My perfect top piece.

I absolutely love Brianne. She makes the perfect top piece for me. The length, the short bangs and monofilament top. I live in Florida, and Brianne as a top piece enables me to rake her, and whats left of my biological hair, into a high pony tail, or I can twist it up and clip it in the back. Absolutely no one knows.

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