Cassandra Mono (long wig)

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Shown in Toasted Brown. This wig has long, soft layers that give great movement and a sexy feel! Cassandra Mono is very similar to our Candice Wig, but has a monofilament top and lace front.  One of the most natural looking wigs around; we're sure you'll love it.  Your hair stylist can also trim the bangs, layer or shorten this wig to suit your own unique style.  Cassandra (long wig) is also available in rooted colors.

Please Note: The front of this wig is made of a delicate lace and each strand of hair is hand-tied onto the lace using a knotting technique. The lace front is amazingly realistic and allows you to choose your own hairline, but you must be cautious not to brush too hard as you may pull strands of hair out or possibly tear the lace. Please be extra gentle at the hairline because missing hairs in the front can be more noticeable. Treat this wig like delicate lingerie.  ***Due to the delicate nature of the lace front, if any Metal Wig Clips are sewn into the front of this wig, it is considered a Final Sale as those clips cannot be removed.  Thank you. 

6 Reviews

KC 18th Aug 2017

"Slaying The Dragon"

Well after discovering that I have alopecia areata this year the past 8 months have been nothing but pure hell for me. I have never experienced anything like this in my entire life and could not believe this awful thing was happening to me. Needless to say, after feeling very hopeless and ugly I came across this wonderful site. I have ordered a topper and the "Cassandra" wig. These both have been amazing and have allowed me to continue living my life without feeling so depressed and ugly. I am a fitness instructor, so the topper piece allows me to exercise in it and feel completely safe and secure. The Cassandra wig is incredible! My normal hair was like that before the alopecia areata decided to destroy it. So I am very thankful that I can wear this hair and look like myself. I ordered it in the Ginger Brown and it compliments my eyes and skin tone.
I have found a reason to smile again!
Thank you Godiva's Secret for making me feel beautiful again and helping me to "Slay The Dragon!"

Karen Mott 23rd Jan 2017

This wig has a lot to work with, and is gorgeous

This is my second wig from Godiva’s Secret and I love it! (The other one is Brianne, which I love too.) I ordered it in Chestnut, which is a dark reddish color that works well with my skintone. When I first put it on, I thought it was too much - too much hair, too much length, just too too. It really wasn't but I certainly haven't had so much hair in years. It took some getting used to. So here’s what I did. Because I am 54, I’ll admit the length is too long for me. So I had my stylist knock off several inches, and cut some long-ish bangs at a steep angle, which helped quite a bit. The cutting on the bangs was minimal though, very subtle. It is still definitely long, but I’ve always had long-ish hair, so I don’t find new length uncomfortable.

Since it has the mono filament top, I parted it on the side and then carefully cut the bangs a tiny bit more at home, and then equally carefully cut the extra lace closer to the actual knots of the hairline. And voila! Now that puppy is gorgeous and perfect, just for me. :) I can push it back to the side and still have a bit of definable bangs. I love it. AND, my stylist and several girlfriends have said of the two GS wigs I have, this one is their favorite. Who’da thunk? They also insist that it makes me look 10 years younger, which I certainly hope is true! But no matter what, this is a gorgeous wig and I am comfortable wearing it. You can’t ask for better than that. :)

Oh, a tip. Get the crushed velvet wig band for this and don’t be afraid to put on the band a bit further back on your head - the wig will still stay put like it’s glued. When you put it on a bit further back, it seems (in my case at least) to blend and be less noticable through the delicate mono top.

Highly recommend this wig!

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