"I was on a mission to find a company that was reputable and provided quality wigs. I searched YouTube and viewed every video produced by Godiva's! I was so impressed! I also visited their website & knew this was a company that sincerely cared about women and I resonated with the philosophy of empowering women. I felt extremely grateful for the opportunity to become a consultant here in Hawaii! It was by far one of the best decisions I've ever made! I'm grateful I took that leap of faith. The consultant kit and YouTube videos provided everything I needed to start my business! I feel extremely blessed having the opportunity to share JOY & to help women feel whole again! I've shared many "Happy Tears" moments with woman going through medical challenges & having a blast at wig parties!!! Being a consultant has been life changing in the most profound way!! To hear them say.."I look & feel beautiful again," is the greatest compliment I could ever receive.  I could never express my gratitude in words to everyone at GSW!  The emotional, psychological, spiritual & financial rewards exceeded all of my expectations!!! With the fondest of Aloha... Jolean Y."


drema-l.jpg"Before I became a Godiva’s Secret Wigs Consultant, I was a wig customer. As a customer, I was impressed with Godiva’s Secret Wigs customer service and patience. The company’s mission statement and philosophy resonated with my own beliefs. I watched all the videos and decided this is the path I wanted to follow. Rochelle and Danielle made selling wigs a positive and fun experience, regardless of the reason one needed or wanted a wig.  
I love selling Godiva’s Secret Wigs. They are high quality and look like “real hair”. The wigs pretty much sell themselves, so I don’t feel like it is “work”. The old adage, “if you enjoy what you do, you will never work a day in your life”, is true. Selling the wigs is not work…it is the most fun I’ve had in any “job”. The best part of the process is watching the transformation of the women who try them on! Regardless of the reason a person is buying a wig, the transformation is amazing…and the wig parties are a blast!  Probably the most satisfying part of the business is helping those with hair loss or medical challenges and seeing the difference a good wig, or even bangs and a scarf or turban, can make in how they feel about themselves.  Several years ago, I wanted a wig to take on vacation. I had a horrible experience and walked out without buying one. I vowed to make buying a wig a fun, positive experience. Drema L."


"My package arrived on Friday, so quick! I have worn a couple of them out...but have found myself struggling with what seems like LOTSA HAIR. You can imagine my surprise then at how I have 3 hair stylists who have asked for my cards AND that I sold my first wig today!!! After having them in my possession for a mere 4 days and the only "advertisement" being that I am wearing them...I was floored to sell one! It's obvious that these sell themselves. I can't describe the feeling that I had as this woman left my home with new hair...feeling empowered and sassy. It almost makes my own journey of hair loss worth it. Thank you!"
- Amber B., IN

"Now that I'm connecting with women going through chemo, things are starting to pick up. It's been absolutely amazing to work with these women, and to experience their struggles and their courage. I really feel blessed to know them and to work with a company that can serve them. Thank you for everything that you all are doing. You are making a difference in peoples lives. And that's an amazing thing!"
- Leah R., FL

"I received the wigs yesterday and really had fun with them! I am planning to have a theme party in two weeks entitled "Wine, Women and Wigs!" I actually got the Freedom on and took a picture of me in it with my cell phone and sent it in a text message to all my friends. My phone rang off the wall all night last night! That sure created a stir!"
- Mary C., CA

"I have sold my first wig. It was a Freedom and my friend who now has 5 wigs said after wearing her Godiva's Secret wig she regrets the money she spent on the others."
- Suzelle W., TN

"I received my order on Thursday; I'm so excited about this. I love the colors, especially Rasberry Ice, Almond Spice & Chocolate Swirl. I feel like a person who just went out and bought a new wardrobe and is so excited to wear the new clothes but can't choose because they are all fabulous and so much fun....I love my wigs."
- Renee D., CA

"I've booked 5 parties so far and just got my first 14 or so sample wigs last week. I've not been this excited about getting up in the morning and starting my day in a long time! I remember how it was 18 years ago when I started selling homes and it wasn't that long ago that I was one of the top sales agents in my office winning awards of honor and lovely gifts and trips for being at the top of my game. The last couple of years of the market change has taught me a whole new level of patience as the Real Estate business has drastically changed and isn't fun and exciting for me any more. Each day I've had to literally push myself to work the business. I can't wait to share my new found wig career and introduce women to an empowering way of life through feeling beautiful! Many thanks and I look forward to a great partnership with the Godiva group!"
- Julie M., CA

"Hi Rochelle and Danielle. I received all of my wigs over the weekend and am LOVING them. The girls in my office went crazy trying them on and I had a great response when I wore them this weekend. I am still working on getting everything up and running and plan to be ready for business by Thanksgiving. I also had one of the news people from our local NBC affiliate contact me to do a story on what I'm doing!"
- Kelly G., CA

"I received my 7 wigs yesterday! Sabrina, Jordan, Jolie, Harmony, and Faye are great! Faye is a dream! Feels so great to wear and I look pretty good in apricot frost. But she would be great in every color. This is definitely a show off wig haha! Girls will love it I know!
Thanks for your help and support!"
- Debbie C., FL

"I'm very interested in finding out more about being a wig consultant for Godiva's Secret Wigs. I am from the Seattle area and have been looking for a new and exciting opportunity to be involved in. After looking at your website and some of your videos, I love the passion that comes across for your business and what you do! Could you please send me some information?"
- Rachel B.

"I had a blast at your booth last weekend in Arizona at the wonderful women's expo. The energy and excitement was a blast. I am writing to inquire and learn more about becoming a consultant here in Phoenix, Arizona. I love the product, believe in it, and would love to put some hair and a smile on faces."
- Alicia G., WA