Courtney (short wig)

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Shown in Ginger Brown. If you're looking for a very light wig with personality, Courtney is it! With wispy, slightly flipped ends, this short wig is feminine and soft.  For that spikey look, just dampen Courtney or any short wig with water, then spritz some Godiva's Secret "Keep It There" low-alcohol hair spray on your fingers and through the wig. Let it dry upside down for extra volume, then put it on and pat it to your desired height and style.

9 Reviews

Dlonna 7th Dec 2017

Cute on Small Faces and Heads

This is a very lightweight wig which is nice. It is ideal in my opinion on gals with small faces and heads. Doesn't need much attention to style. I prefer it "pixied" out for a cropped spikely look.

Faith Jaudon 6th Oct 2016

God is in Godiva

Having worked in Oncology for 7 years, I witnessed many women who suffered from hair loss because of their cancer treatments. However, when a woman loses her hair because of stress or menopause, there seems to be a difference, more of a "stigma" I would say...and I'm not sure why that is exactly, nonetheless, my hair loss is due to stress and menopause. After months of research I found countless women suffering just like me, who had purchased Godiva wigs, so I thought I would give them a try. I ordered Courtney, and she has been life changing! I say, God is in Godiva, because of the radical change I have experienced in my life, since I purchased my Godiva wig...what amazing freedom!!!

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