Darma (short wig)

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Shown in Spring Honey. Darma is fun! Stylish and spiky with a clean, short back, we love to spritz Darma with water, then finger spike it with Godiva's Secret Wigs "Keep It There" low alcohol hair spray for an attention getting look. Its point-cut layers are edgy and spirited! Let each of your wigs reflect a different personality that is inside you. Who do you want to be today?  Darma (short wig) is also available in rooted colors.  


3 Reviews

B. Moore 19th May 2018

I love Godiva's Secret Wigs!

I love the Darma wig, this is my second one. It's perfect for wearing on windy days because the wind doesn't mess it up! I wear it just as it comes out of the bag, give it a couple of shakes, put it on and put some hair behind my ears some in front and it's an attractive style. Thank you Godiva's Secret Wigs. I'm so glad I found you on YouTube and went to your web site and signed up for emails. I've bought 3 wigs so far.

Barbara 8th Dec 2017

I Love Godiva's Secret Wigs!

I love, love, love this Darma wig. I don't have to do a thing with it, just put it on and go! My hair is getting thin on top and I'm really self-conscious about it so am having to resort to wearing wigs. Godiva's Secret Wigs are the most comfortable and natural looking wig I have. I'm so glad I found you!

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