Women often identify themselves by their hair and will invest countless time and money into maintaining or refreshing their look. When a woman endures hair loss, she may feel vulnerable and struggle with her identity. No matter why a woman loses her hair, a little preparation and positive thinking can help a lot during this phase of her life.

If you are suffering from hair loss, it's important for you to know that you aren't alone. Today, women account for 40% of hair loss cases, which includes 90 million women. In over 50% of these instances, the hair loss is genetic, but illness and age also commonly affect many other women.

Once you decide that you are ready to wear a wig, there are a few simple steps you can take to ease yourself into this new venture. Whether you are suffering from hair loss associated with radiation therapy, genetics, or other medications, we recommend that you purchase your wig as soon as possible. This way, your wig stylist can see exactly what style and color you normally wear. Also, it will give you time to get acquainted with your new hairstyle and feel comfortable before losing your hair.

Choosing your new wig(s) should be a fun and easy process. You may decide to purchase a style that is very similar to your current hairstyle, or try a new look that you have always wanted, but maybe your real hair just wouldn’t let you have! This phase in your life gives you the freedom to be whoever you want and look however you want, so have fun with it. Imagine being able to wake up, shower, do your makeup and then put your wig on; you will have so much extra time, you won’t know what to do with yourself!

You’ll have a perfect hair day, every day!