Diana LF (long wig)

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Shown in Marble Brown-H.  Diana is an amazing lace front wig, but still allows you to get height, because it is not a monofilament wig.  The lace in the front makes it completely realistic looking and is perfect whether you want to wear it off your face or have some bangs.  Diana (long wig) is also available in rooted colors

Please Note: The front of this wig is made of a delicate lace and each strand of hair is hand-tied onto the lace using a knotting technique. The lace front is amazingly realistic and allows you to choose your own hairline, but you must be cautious not to brush too hard as you may pull strands of hair out or possibly tear the lace. Please be extra gentle at the hairline because missing hairs in the front can be more noticeable. Treat this wig like delicate lingerie.  ***Due to the delicate nature of the lace front, if any Metal Wig Clips are sewn into the front of this wig, it is considered a Final Sale as those clips cannot be removed.  Thank you.

5 Reviews

Anne 9th Apr 2018

Best Wig, Great Color

I've been wearing my Diana LF wig every day for about 6 months. It began looking a little tired, so I re-ordered the exact same wig, same Frosted Taupe color. The lace front works beautifully. I comb my hair back and up so the hairline is visible, but no one can tell I'm wearing a wig. This wig stays out of my face and looks so natural. Plus people compliment the color all the time. If you're thinking of going grey, Frosted Taupe is a gentle, low-key way to transition.

Anne 16th Nov 2017

Go Grey with Frosted Taupe

I'm an Iced Mocha girl, but when I turned 70, I decided the IM color seemed unnaturally dark for my age. It was time to go grey. I settled upon Diana in Frosted Taupe. Both the wig construction and color are SPECTACULAR! I don't wear bangs so Diana's Lace Front, but not mono, means I can show hairline with no worries while the perma-tease gives me a little height. As other Diana devotees have testified, it stays out of my face. I was going to trim it into a topper, but it is so beautiful that I simply shortened the crown a little so that it rides high on the back of my head. Then I pull it up into a twist or ponytail with my darker roots at the base and it looks completely natural. This is my 6th GSW product: 3 toppers and 2 wigs.

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