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Whether you've lost your eyebrows from chemotherapy treatment, had a bad waxing or plucking job, or just have less of an eyebrow than you'd like, this is the perfect kit for you!  In 4 quick and easy steps, you can have the perfect eyebrows, every day! 

Step 1: Select the stencil that matches your brow shape, or the shape you would like to have.
Step 2: Place the stencil over your brow, or where your brow would normally be.
Step 3: Dab Brush into the Powder and then brush color onto your brow through the stencil.
Step 4: Remove stencil, wipe it off, flip it over and do the other brow the same way. 

Kit includes:
*6 Eyebrow Stencils
*2 Eyebrow Brushes
*Eyebrow Powder

GS Eyebrow Kit - Dark Blonde

GS Eyebrow Kit - Dark Blonde

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1 Review

Marylee Maury 21st Jul 2016

My client LOVES this product

My client has pale and short eyebrows and we both are very please at how this product worked for her. Easy and fast and stayed on all day. Great 5 stars!

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