It Stays Glue

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It Stays Glue is perfect for women who don't have any hair and needed a gentle, added security with their wig.  It's a gentle roll-on body adhesive that washes off with water and won't leave any stain.  It's very pliable and moves with your skin.  

Uses: support wigs, toupees, hose, socks, nylons, panty hose, shoulder straps, orthopedic and surgical devices, etc.

Directions: Simply roll the glue onto your skin and then press the wig, or other article, in place. 


2 Reviews

anonymous 2nd Feb 2018

Great product

Excellent security though perhaps a bit less secure than the tape. Was relieved that the glue did not cause any skin irritation on my hairless scalp.

Glenna Loftus 7th May 2015

Stick tight

This sticky wig holder really works and is so easily washed off. I have used it on the average/petite wigs I have and it does keep the wig from slipping . Good adhesive. Should have bought 2.

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