Kelly w/Roots (short wig)


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Shown in Creamy Toffee-R, Kelly in rooted colors is hot! In the rooted colors, the bottom back of the wig is a soft brown to match the roots...amazing! Longer sides, cropped back and teased crown make Kelly one fantastic choice. If your hairstylist is creative, let her edge in a bang and trim those long sides to a length that suits your height and facial shape. Be very clear about what you want your hairstylist to do and have her trim slowly. Wigs don't grow back!  Kelly (short wig) is also available in non-rooted colors


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Janese DeMarco 19th Oct 2018

Beautiful wig

This wig is so so cute the quality of this wig and the price is very affordable unfortunately for me it was too short for me

Debbie 10th Sep 2018

Kelly Nutmeg R

I recently received my Kelly wig. I am very satisfied. I have worn wigs for 40 + years due to Alopecia. The wig is very natural looking and after trimming the bangs, I just loved it. Believe me, no one will know you are wearing a wig!!

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