Large Harper Mono (long wig)

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Large Harper is a large cap size wig with a 23" circumference.   Harper has a lace front that is undetectable, and a monofilament top which gives the appearance of scalp.  Nobody will ever know you are wearing a wig when you have on Large Harper!  Large Harper (long wig) is also available in rooted colors.  

 Please Note: The front of this wig is made of a delicate lace and each strand of hair is hand-tied onto the lace using a knotting technique. The lace front is amazingly realistic and allows you to choose your own hairline, but you must be cautious not to brush too hard as you may pull strands of hair out or possibly tear the lace. Please be extra gentle at the hairline because missing hairs in the front can be more noticeable. Treat this wig like delicate lingerie.  ***Due to the delicate nature of the lace front, if any Metal Wig Clips are sewn into the front of this wig, it is considered a Final Sale as those clips cannot be removed.  Thank you.

3 Reviews

Sami Brown 11th May 2018

Looks very natural

I have bought a number of less expensive wigs already. The problem is that they always looked "wiggy". I finally decided to upgrade, and I am so glad I did!

Between the lace front and the monofilament top, the wig performs as naturally as I think is possible. I was a little scared that paying this much would be worth the difference, but I can honestly say that the more natural look is worth it.

I have the Marble Brown color, which is darker with some lighter intermixed. The effect looks natural rather than the monochrome dyed look. I also love the waves, just the right amount.

The only thing I may need to do is get some shorter bangs styled, but I am going to try to get used to the longer style first.

Thank you, Godiva's Secret!

Veronica Torres 23rd May 2017

Beautiful wig

This is my first time buying a wig and this one is beautiful, I love the fullness, the color and movement. I'm so glad I found you. I cut off all my hair ( all 10 strands of it) and I'm now going to be a full time wig wearer. Love you Godiva!!!!

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