Long Top w/ Roots


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Use the Long Top to add fullness and volume instantly, cover undesirable roots, add layers to your hair and much more!  Don't worry about getting an exact color match with your own hair; find a color you love, and match your hair to this piece! This top piece attaches with 4 metal wig clips; these clips will stay in even the thinnest and most slippery hair. Longest hair measures 18 inches.  The Long Top is also available in non-rooted colors as well as a monofilament version.

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Dale M Lewis 21st Oct 2018

my favorite!

This is my 2nd topper with roots. My first was a medium and my 2nd is the long because my hair has grown. At first the huge amount of permatease freaked me out, but I
have grown to love it. It styles so easily and looks perfect all day. Everyone loves it and I get tons of compliments.

Debbie 8th Jul 2018

Love it!

I haven’t worn my top piece yet because I need to get my hair colored for a closer match and have some trimmed off. I purchased the iced mocha and I absolutely love this color. It is beautiful. The quality of the hair is so nice, very soft. I love this piece and can’t wait to wear it.

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