Meg w/ Roots (short wig)

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Shown in Maple Sugar-R, Meg's mixed razor cut layers can be worn wild or more styled. It's back is cut the same as the front, edgy.  Our wigs with "roots" give the illusion that your hair is growing out, and what could be more realistic than roots? Spike it with water and our low alcohol hair spray.  Meg (short wig) is also available in non-rooted colors.  


3 Reviews

Marta Mitchell 28th Oct 2016


I have searched and purchased so many wigs only to return them unsatisfied. I found your site and it was exactly what I was looking for. I bought 1 wig and then a second....I may try a different cut and color for a many possibilities. Thank you for your product. Marta

8th Oct 2015


Love this wig. The fit is perfect, and it is so easy to style. Perfect color.

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