Mono Medium Top w/ Roots


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The Mono Medium Top w/ Roots gives the illusion of scalp and roots, while adding subtle fullness and volume, and is great for covering undesirable roots, and much more! If you are looking for a flatter top piece or one that you can make a perfect part in, this is the one for you. Don't worry about getting an exact color match with your own hair; find a color you love, and match your hair to this piece!   This top piece attaches with 4 metal wig clips; these clips will stay in even the thinnest and most slippery hair. Longest hair measures 8 inches.  The Mono Medium Top is also available in non-rooted colors as well as a non-monofilament version.


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Celeste Dundon 30th Dec 2018

A little light does the trick!

This topper is so natural looking and flattering that I had to buy a second one.

22nd Dec 2018

Life changing!!

I put it on and cried! It looks so real and amazing. I walked into the living room where my teenaged kids were and none of them noticed! I’m in love.

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