Peggy w/ Roots (short wig)


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Shown in Nutmeg-F, Peggy's soft layers are light as a cloud. Her longer bangs can be trimmed to stay out of your eyes.  You can easily cover your ears or show just a hint, If you want a wig as light as a cloud, you've got to try Peggy, your new best friend.  Peggy (short wig) is also available in non-rooted colors.  


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21st May 2018


After a couple of tries with different colors, I finally hit the jackpot with the Peggy in Honey Wheat. My natural color is very dark brown, but since chemo, I wanted to go lighter. The first ones were too dramatic a change, but when I finally got the Honey Wheat - Success! Plus, the Peggy is extremely light and sooo natural looking. I only had to slightly trim the bangs. Oh, and did I mention I got two - I love it that much!

Deb 20th Apr 2018

RX for baby fine hair

Peggy arrived today!
You really don't need a comb and I have a high fore head so the bangs were perfect. My hair is so flat that the Peggy will take some getting used to but if you didn't know me I don't think you would be able to tell its a wig. I don't have hair loss but I have baby fine hair and I'm 63 years old which makes your hair tired and worn out looking.

I just went on a cruise and got so tired of washing and styling my hair for dinner, not to mention all the utensils and products that I have to keep packing for trips. I bought Peggy in honey wheat because its closest to the color I just had done by my stylist, needless to say a $150 later and the same lousy hair, I decided just to let it grow out from a bad, really short cut. I always wore my hair in a bob, so I am going to try Carly or Sabrina next in a dark brown, which is my natural color. My husband is taking me to Italy in Sept. and no packing of a thousand products or utensils.

Instead of paying the hairdresser every 8 weeks I think I'll buy a wig!

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