Rhinestone Clip- Small

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This item is a 4-pack.   Use a few, or use a bunch...the more glitz the better!  This item is available in Clear, Lavender, Red,  Dark Blue and Pink.


3 Reviews

Kathy Tighe 19th Aug 2017

Love The Little Sparkling Hair Clips!

Kathy Tighe here and I just wanted to let everyone know just how much I love these Sparkling Little Hair Clips.
I wore them yesterday and received Many. compliments on my hair All Day Long!
It held my hair back beautifully. I had bought 2 sets. The Pink and the Red
Plan to go back for more.
Love Go Divas Secret Wigs. I am Hoping to Become a Consultant just as soon as I can! Have to save up the money. So looking forward to it. I feel the Best person for the job, is Someone who has personally been in this situation where you Really Needed , Not just Wanted to Own and Wear a Go Divas Secret Wig , and Be a Consultant to Help people. But are Actually losing all your hair. And CAN RELATE!!
I have Alopecia, Lupus, Thyroid disease and Autoimmune Disease. I feel that I Can Definately be Understanding ,Caring, and Helpful when dealing with people with Special Hair Needs. Thank you.
Kathy Tighe

Jill e Bean 13th Aug 2017


These are the world's best hair clips .... everrrr. So superior to anything out in the real shops (in Canada) and because they are metal, they hold like a pitbull (sorry puppies). Highly recommended. Holds even the thickest hair in place all day - no fails. Love em!!

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