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Our Wig Hanger is perfect for drying & storing your wigs and hair pieces!  After you wash your wig or hair piece, hang it by the back (where the tag of your item is) then hang it in your shower, bath, or outside to dry.  To keep your wig looking full, and to help it air out during wearings, hang your wig upside down and then hang it in your closet.  

If your item has a tag in it, hang it by the tag, otherwise hang it by the back of the item, but try to gather as little hair as possible.  

The Wig Hanger is also perfect for hanging undergarments, scarves, belts and much more!  

Hanging a wig by the tag
Wig Hanger
Hanging a hair piece by the tag
Hanging a wig by the back
Use the Wig Hanger upside down and hook it through your wig


14 Reviews

Patti 16th Jul 2018

Wig Hanger

I am so glad I ordered the wig hanger! It makes it so easy to store my wig, and it’s perfect for those times I wash my wig and I need to hang it upside down to dry. Such a space saver, and so affordable. Great idea!

Mia Jian Xiong 28th Dec 2017

Great Product

These wig hanger are great when washing your wig or storage in your closet. I will be ordering more.

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